We understand that each client maintains a di­fferent threshold for managing provider push-back. NBAS’s VeriBill combines the strength of a traditional audit with the peace of mind of provider sign-off­. NBAS reviews the claim for egregious and conspicuous overcharges and errors, and presents the results to the provider prior to reimbursement. The provider is given the opportunity to accept NBAS’s reductions (with sign-o­ff), agree upon an alternative settlement amount (with sign-o­ff) or face a possible full audit.

In most cases, providers work with NBAS to reach an amicable resolution. However, should the provider refuse to sign-off­, the client has the option to pursue a full audit, which may result in additional savings.

Identify Savings for Sign-Off Such As:

  • Inflated and excessive charge amounts
  • Incorrect quantities billed
  • Unbundled charge types
  • Duplicate charges
  • Charge items not appropriate based on diagnosis and procedure