Unfortunately, hospitals make mistakes when funneling information from a patient’s file to their billing systems. A general rule of thumb provides that the greater the amount in charges, the more room for inconsistencies between the patient’s medical record and what ultimately end up on the bill. In an effort to identify and eliminate inaccuracies on large dollar cases, NBAS provides a complete Medical Record Review. The NBAS Medical Record Review includes a detailed desk-top clinical cross-reconciliation between the patient’s entire medical record and corresponding itemized bill. Charges which are incorrect, inconsistent, unjustified or undocumented are adjusted appropriately by NBAS nurses.

NBAS’s licensed and experienced nurses perform a complete clinical review of the medical records as they relate to what’s billed by each facility. Areas of review include utilization (quantity), medical necessity, FDA approved validation, coding, authorization, and inconsistencies between the chart and the bill. NBAS can also incorporate a Reasonable & Customary Review in tandem with the Medical Record review to determine whether or not the hospital’s charges are excessive.