What Sets NBAS Apart?

Throughout its 20 years in business, NBAS has seen the healthcare industry experience tremendous change; however, one thing has remained constant – the ever increasing cost of providing quality healthcare to plan participants. NBAS was founded as a sister company to a national PPO network and in direct response to PPO clients, and other stakeholders, whose traditional prospective and retrospective discounts did little to impact the egregious errors and overcharges they faced. For 20 years, NBAS has successfully assisted health plans, insurance companies, TPAs, MGUs and reinsurance carriers of all sizes with their respective efforts to reduce medical costs.

NBAS understands that “one size fits all” doesn’t make sense for the diverse group of clients NBAS serves. The NBAS team is focused on solutions built around client specifications, ease of accessibility and adaptability to companies, small and large. It is NBAS’s core practice to stay current with industry standard billing guidelines, provide defensible benchmarking data and robust client, provider and patient advocacy throughout the auditing process. Whether NBAS is supporting its clients with plan/policy reimbursement guidelines, payment strategy, or providing consultative account management and appeals support, NBAS’s versatility delivers unmatched results for its clients. NBAS values its client relationships and always makes the client its top priority by providing the highest level of savings, service and professionalism at all times.

NBAS looks forward to the opportunity of working with you as a highly valued client.

  • “Boutique style” solutions built around client/plan specifications
  • A management team with extensive experience in provider contracting and PPO management
  • Varied suite of services that minimizes the need for clients to access multiple vendors
  • The capacity and back-end services to work under a private-label arrangement
  • A unique approach to patient support through NBAS’s Patient Advocacy Program
  • Application of established, rational industry standard billing guidelines for reductions
  • Decades of expertise-based clinical and billing data married into a comprehensive proprietary solution for maximum savings
  • Defensibility – NBAS’s appeals resolution process results in less than a 1% adjustment to initial dollars saved